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Get a little bit crafty this Christmas

Crafty Christmas

There’s something incredibly therapeutic about sitting in front of the fire creating something lovely.

And with these simple tags, you can add a personal touch to Christmas gifts without spending lots of time and money.


Here’s how:


What you’ll need

  • A selection of offcuts of cards and paper
  • Ready-made tags (optional)
  • A hole punch
  • Ribbons
  • Christmas buttons or embellishments
  • Double-sided tape
  • Black pen




Christmas Gift TagesChristmas gifts tag

1 Punch a hole in a piece of rectangular card. Thread a ribbon through the hole.

2 Cut 3 squares in different sizes and stick them onto the card.

3 Adorn with ribbon and/or buttons to look like presents.


Christmas tree tag

1 Punch a hole in a piece of rectangular card. Thread a ribbon through the hole.

2 From green card, cut out 2 isosceles triangles of equal size (draw around the first to ensure the second is identical). Stick 1 triangle onto the tag. Fold the second triangle in half and stick only 1 half on top of the first – this gives a 3D tree effect.

3 Stick a piece of ribbon below the tree for its trunk and a star button or embellishment above.


Baubles tag

1 Make 2 tags as above or use ready-made tags.

2 Cut around 2 pence pieces to create as many round bauble as you would like – I have made 3. Stick 2 onto the tags and fold the third in half. Stick this on top of another to create a 3D effect.

3 Draw ‘strings’ onto the tags using a black pen.

4 Stick on other buttons/embellishments to create more baubles ‘hanging’ from the string.





How to make Handmade Soaps

How to make Handmake Soaps


Handy Handmade Soaps

As regular readers will know, I’m a bit of a craft addict. So, now birthday season is upon me (all my friends and family very unhelpfully decided to arrive in autumn!) I thought I would turn my hand to something new.

My Fairy helperI really love getting new scented soaps and so I thought gift wrapped soaps would be a lovely idea.

They were so easy to make,
though perhaps that’s because
I had a magical fairy helping me.

Here’s how:

Materials (available from craft shops)

  • Olive oil soap base
  • Knife
  • Heatproof jug
  • Soap colouring
  • Essential oil
  • Dried rose petals (optional)
  • Moulds


1 First of all, cut the soap base into small cubes (about 1 inch square). Then place in a heatproof jug.

2 Heat in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time until all the soap pieces have melted.

3 Add a few drops of colouring until you have the colour you like. Then liberally add your favourite essential oil for fragrance.

4 Pour into moulds. I used silicone cake cases, which were perfect.

5 If you would like to include rose petals, half fill the mould and then sprinkle the petals on top. Allow to softly set and then top up with more liquid soap.

6 Allow to set completely before peeling off the moulds.

7 Wrap with pretty ribbon or cellophane. You can even pop your soap on a pretty plate. Voila!


This one has already gone to a very deserving home – to Penny our lovely researcher who works really hard for us and was feeling a little fed up.




Summer Fair Makes and Bakes

Bake sale season is upon us and gives us the perfect excuse to bake and make for good causes.

I haven’t left myself much time and so my creations for this year’s school summer fair will have to be pretty simple. For the craft table, I’m thinking of doing fabric bunting.

As you can see from my pic of my
girls’ room I am a big bunting fan!

With a pair of pinking shears, some pretty fabrics and some speedy stitching, this can be knocked up in no time. To be honest, I did steal the idea from our friends at Buttonbag whose stall you can see here.

Bunting-BarButtonbag have some great craft ideas and kits for things to make and sell.

Check out their website for details on how to make bunting and for lots more inspiration. http://www.buttonbag.co.uk/blog/free-projects/bunting/

For the cake stall, I’ll definitely be making this scrummy Summer Fête Lemon Cake and possibly these Dainty Floral Cupcakes too – I can’t resist something girlie!


Hand-made Christmas cards

Hand-made Christmas Cards | Christmas crafts

Family and friends love to receive hand-made Christmas cards

Hand-made Christmas cards

Are you feeling festive yet? December is just around the corner, so it’s time to make a start on your Christmas cards.

Time is short for the majority of us,
but it’s so special to send hand-made
cards that it’s worth the effort.

They don’t need to be excessive, or take hours to make – a few simple touches can be used to maximum impact.

So grab a laptray and a few materials and you can knock up cards in no time whilst perched on the sofa watching Coronation Street!


  • Pencil
  • Christmas papers
  • Scissors
  • Blank cards
  • Double-sided tape
  • Embellishments; assortment of any: ribbons, diamonte, buttons, Christmassy sequins


  • Draw a stocking/bauble/present shape on the back of a Christmas paper.
  • Cut out shape and stick onto a blank card using double-sided tape.
  • Adorn with embellishments of your choice, but try to use co-ordinated colours for maximum impact.

Win a Bumper Christmas card-making kit

If you fancy making your own Christmas cards don’t miss the chance to to win a Bumper Christmas card-making kit  on 26 November. Make a note of the date to revisit Dairy Diary Chat!


And while you are making your Christmas cards, why not treat yourself to a little something?

Custard Tarts recipeThese Custard Tarts from
Britain’s favourite diary
are just the job.

Recipe taken from
Dairy Diary 2013

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