How to make Handmade Soaps

How to make Handmake Soaps


Handy Handmade Soaps

As regular readers will know, I’m a bit of a craft addict. So, now birthday season is upon me (all my friends and family very unhelpfully decided to arrive in autumn!) I thought I would turn my hand to something new.

My Fairy helperI really love getting new scented soaps and so I thought gift wrapped soaps would be a lovely idea.

They were so easy to make,
though perhaps that’s because
I had a magical fairy helping me.

Here’s how:

Materials (available from craft shops)

  • Olive oil soap base
  • Knife
  • Heatproof jug
  • Soap colouring
  • Essential oil
  • Dried rose petals (optional)
  • Moulds


1 First of all, cut the soap base into small cubes (about 1 inch square). Then place in a heatproof jug.

2 Heat in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time until all the soap pieces have melted.

3 Add a few drops of colouring until you have the colour you like. Then liberally add your favourite essential oil for fragrance.

4 Pour into moulds. I used silicone cake cases, which were perfect.

5 If you would like to include rose petals, half fill the mould and then sprinkle the petals on top. Allow to softly set and then top up with more liquid soap.

6 Allow to set completely before peeling off the moulds.

7 Wrap with pretty ribbon or cellophane. You can even pop your soap on a pretty plate. Voila!


This one has already gone to a very deserving home – to Penny our lovely researcher who works really hard for us and was feeling a little fed up.


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