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Stocking fillers under £10

Christmas Gifts from Dairy Diary

Are you struggling for ideas when it comes to friends and family this festive season?  


We have a range of lovely gifts that are under £10!

Year after year, we keep costs down and strive to improve our products to bring our customers the best quality Diary, Cookbooks and Accessories (that will put a smile on a loved one’s face at Christmas time). 

Here’s our top five (there are of course lots more, have a browse of our website for inspiration)


Number one must be the iconic Dairy Diary!

At only £8.85 this excellent value for money diary is sure to be top of their list this year, and an essential kitchen item. Packed full of delicious recipes, cook’s tips, interesting features and plenty of writing space, whilst featuring a gorgeous cover. What’s not to love?

Dairy Diary 2021



Number two is the brand-new hardback cookbook

A Zest for Life! Containing 79 delicious, nutritious recipes that will put a spring in your stride. From bountiful breakfasts and weekend specials to tempting bakes. Only £9.99.

A Zest for Life

Number three is our fabulous Wall Planner

It’s an essential every kitchen wall. By very popular request we have now made these available to purchase for everyone, not just trade customers. A double-sided calendar with 6 months to view each side and a gorgeous recipe image. Only £2.00 for 2 wall planners.

Wall Planner 2021



Number 4 has got to be Just for One or Two

Immensely popular, it contains inspiration for easy, delicious meals – the ideal cookbook for singles, couples, students and parents. Showing you how to cook delicious meals for one or two people with little effort and minimal waste. Only £8.25.

Just for One or Two



Number 5 is our limited-edition Tote Shopping Bag

It’s roomy enough for groceries or a few cheeky spur-of-the-moment purchases, but also folds flat so that it will easily fit into a handbag. And the pretty design – and Dairy Diary logo – is featured on both sides. Only £6.99.

Tote Shopping Bag




Emma Snow
Emma Snow

I am the Brand Executive for Dairy Diary. A passionate foodie (with a very sweet-tooth). Who likes to blog about all things DIY & scrumptious recipes.

Charming Christmas Wreath in 3 Simple Steps

Make a Christmas Wreath


It’s easy to give your home the wow factor with a stunning Christmas wreath.

Inspired by some particularly beautiful specimens at our local Christmas Fair, I have decided to make my own this year.

This step-by-step project from Seasonal Garden Ideas should make it easy.

It’s traditional to hang a wreath on the door at Christmas, and there are lots to choose from in the shops – but why not make your own using the abundant and varied foliage and berries available in the winter garden?

To ensure your wreath stays fresh as long as possible, make it as near to Christmas as you can. It should only take an hour or so.

What you need

Plants: Stems, foliage and berries from as many evergreen plants in the garden as you can muster: here, variegated holly, cypress, ivy (in flower), elaeagnus, rosemary, rose hips and hawthorn berries have all been pressed into use. Aim for long stems and unblemished leaves if possible.

Equipment: Circular wreath ring from a florist or garden centre. Thin wire. Soft green string.


1 Start with the evergreen and variegated foliage. Twist and tuck the stems into the wreath ring, securing with wire or soft string. Point them all in one direction to get a ‘wheel effect’. Work in this way all round the ring until you have a reasonably full foundation of secure foliage. Space out the variegated or bronze leaves for best effect.

2 Tie small bunches of berries together with wire or string, then tuck them into the ring at intervals in front of the foliage, again securing tightly with wire or string. The berries will be heavier than the foliage, so don’t put too many together in one bunch.

3 Hang the wreath on your door using wire or string.

Tip: If red berries simply aren’t available in your garden, invest in some really good quality, natural-looking artificial ones and keep them for use from year to year.

Notes: Other evergreen/variegated foliage leaves to try include artemisia, aucuba, choosy, euonymus, pittosporum, senecio and skimmia – as well as all the conifers. Just go into the garden and see what’s there!

Aftercare: The wreath should last reasonably well over the Christmas period, but after that the leaves will start to dry up – take it down on Twelfth Night (6 January).



Seasonal Garden Ideas £3.99This easy wreath is taken from Seasonal Garden Ideas, a lovely book with step-by-step projects for pretty garden projects throughout the year.

It’s available for just £3.99 here.

A perfect bargain Christmas gift.







Competition | Win a Bumper Christmas Card Craft Kit worth £50!

Competition | Win a Bumper Christmas Card Craft Kit worth £50!

Win a Bumper Christmas Card Craft Kit worth £50!

It feels very special to receive a hand-made Christmas card. It is such a personal, loving gift.

With this marvellous craft-kit you can make beautiful cards that are unique and that your family and friends will treasure, and you can create them in no time whilst perched on the sofa watching Coronation Street!

With over 250 colour-coordinated items including:

  • Christmas papers
  • Card blanks
  • Double-sided tape
  • Stickers
  • Ribbons
  • Cross stitch kits
  • Buttons
  • Embellishments
  • Bows
  • Gems

Enter now.

Dairy Diary 2013. Britain’s best selling diary since 1982.

Looking for a 2013 diary? Make it the Dairy Diary 2013.

If all of the 30+ million Dairy Diaries sold since 1982 were laid end to end they would stretch from England to the Himalayas!

Now isn’t that a fascinating fact?

I doubt that we have many readers in the Himalayas, but who knows… we do have loyal fans around the globe.

If you haven’t checked out the 2013 Dairy Diary yet you can read all about it here.

At just £6.99 it represents great value and makes a perfect Christmas gift for family and friends.

Hand-made Christmas cards

Hand-made Christmas Cards | Christmas crafts

Family and friends love to receive hand-made Christmas cards

Hand-made Christmas cards

Are you feeling festive yet? December is just around the corner, so it’s time to make a start on your Christmas cards.

Time is short for the majority of us,
but it’s so special to send hand-made
cards that it’s worth the effort.

They don’t need to be excessive, or take hours to make – a few simple touches can be used to maximum impact.

So grab a laptray and a few materials and you can knock up cards in no time whilst perched on the sofa watching Coronation Street!


  • Pencil
  • Christmas papers
  • Scissors
  • Blank cards
  • Double-sided tape
  • Embellishments; assortment of any: ribbons, diamonte, buttons, Christmassy sequins


  • Draw a stocking/bauble/present shape on the back of a Christmas paper.
  • Cut out shape and stick onto a blank card using double-sided tape.
  • Adorn with embellishments of your choice, but try to use co-ordinated colours for maximum impact.

Win a Bumper Christmas card-making kit

If you fancy making your own Christmas cards don’t miss the chance to to win a Bumper Christmas card-making kit  on 26 November. Make a note of the date to revisit Dairy Diary Chat!


And while you are making your Christmas cards, why not treat yourself to a little something?

Custard Tarts recipeThese Custard Tarts from
Britain’s favourite diary
are just the job.

Recipe taken from
Dairy Diary 2013

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