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Christmas Crafting

Homemade Christmas Cards

Fun and Simple Window Decorations and Cards

There’s something very satisfying about making your own cards and decorations, and if they don’t cost much, even better!

These two projects are perfect for creating with children as they’re so simple, but that’s not obligatory, they’re really fun to do by yourself too!


Homemade Christmas Cards

Window Snow Scenes

White paper
Craft knife
Cutting mat
White Tack or invisible tape

1 In pencil, at the bottom of a piece of paper, draw a gently sloping hillside with trees, buildings, and animals too, if you like.

2 Cut around the outline with scissors.

3 Adults only! Cut out windows and doors with a craft knife.

4 Affix to your windows with tiny pieces of White Tack or invisible tape.



Artic Animal Christmas Cards

Dark blue or black cards
White Paint
Cotton wool
Black pen
Small black buttons (optional)
Star stickers or embellishments
Glue (if using a button and/or embellishment)

1 Draw a feint outline of your artic animal. We drew a fox and polar bear.

2 Load your paintbrush with paint and tap to create ‘snow’ paint all over the card.

3 ‘Sponging’ with cotton wool, fill in your animal in white. You may need to twist the cotton wool to a point for any narrow bits. Allow to dry.

4 Draw an eye with black pen, and also a nose, or you could stick on a small black button, if you like.

5 Stick or glue a star in place.


Thanks to Jasmine and Maisy, my eight-year-old girls, for producing the artwork for this blog.




Perfect Christmas snacks

Taking a break from wrapping gifts and enjoy these scrumptious festive treats


Goat’s Cheese, Honey & Walnut Toastie

Goat’s Cheese, Honey & Walnut Toastie

This may be just a toastie but it tastes SO good – warm creamy goat’s cheese, sweet honey and crunchy walnuts. What’s not to like?

It’s just one of many delicious triple-tested recipes in the 2019 Dairy Diary.




Christmas Flapjacks

Christmas Flapjack

With pecan nuts, ginger and cherries, these flapjacks are really special. Pop in a tin, wrap in ribbon and give as a gift.

This recipe is taken from Dairy Diary Favouritescookbook.





5 Ideas for Festive Fun

Christmas markets

Forget shopping for a while – try some of this festive fun instead!

We’re all so busy trying to find the perfect gifts for Christmas it’s hard to stand back, take a breather, and think about what really matters.

For me, that’s spending quality time with loved ones, enjoying the festive period. And there are SO many lovely things that you can do together at this time of year.

Here are a few suggestions that I think make the Christmas period really special.

  1. Light Fantastic: visit somewhere nearby with fabulous Christmas Lights (we go to Dunham Massey, our local National Trust, which is incredible). Or, if you have young children, bundle them into the car in their pjs with popcorn and drive around your neighbourhood enjoying the lights people decorate their houses with – they do seem to become more flamboyant every year.
  2. Most towns hold their own Christmas craft market. Sip mulled wine or hot chocolate and wander the stalls, marvelling at local talent.
  3. Attend a carol concert – it may be at a stately home or your local church – both equally lovely.
  4. Light candles at the dinner table every evening until Christmas. Magic.
  5. Take a morning wintry walk in your favourite woodland. Wrap up warm and enjoy the frosty foliage. Take a flask and a slice of Christmas Flapjack (recipe below).


Christmas flapjacks


Christmas Flapjack


This recipe is taken from Dairy Diary Favouritescookbook.




Get a little bit crafty this Christmas

Crafty Christmas

There’s something incredibly therapeutic about sitting in front of the fire creating something lovely.

And with these simple tags, you can add a personal touch to Christmas gifts without spending lots of time and money.


Here’s how:


What you’ll need

  • A selection of offcuts of cards and paper
  • Ready-made tags (optional)
  • A hole punch
  • Ribbons
  • Christmas buttons or embellishments
  • Double-sided tape
  • Black pen




Christmas Gift TagesChristmas gifts tag

1 Punch a hole in a piece of rectangular card. Thread a ribbon through the hole.

2 Cut 3 squares in different sizes and stick them onto the card.

3 Adorn with ribbon and/or buttons to look like presents.


Christmas tree tag

1 Punch a hole in a piece of rectangular card. Thread a ribbon through the hole.

2 From green card, cut out 2 isosceles triangles of equal size (draw around the first to ensure the second is identical). Stick 1 triangle onto the tag. Fold the second triangle in half and stick only 1 half on top of the first – this gives a 3D tree effect.

3 Stick a piece of ribbon below the tree for its trunk and a star button or embellishment above.


Baubles tag

1 Make 2 tags as above or use ready-made tags.

2 Cut around 2 pence pieces to create as many round bauble as you would like – I have made 3. Stick 2 onto the tags and fold the third in half. Stick this on top of another to create a 3D effect.

3 Draw ‘strings’ onto the tags using a black pen.

4 Stick on other buttons/embellishments to create more baubles ‘hanging’ from the string.





Recipe of the Week: Christmas Pudding


Christmas Pudding

Stir-Up Sunday & the Christmas Pudding Recipe from the Dairy Book of Home Cookery

As tomorrow is Stir-Up Sunday; the traditional day on which to make your Christmas Pud, I’m sharing our favourite recipe.

It’s taken from our iconic cookbook – the Dairy Book of Home Cookery, which has been a kitchen bible since the 60s and is still one of our best-sellers today.





Dairy Book of Home Cookery


The Dairy Book of Home Cookery

If your copy is getting a little tatty, or you want to order a copy for someone for a Christmas treat visit our website.

You won’t regret it – it’s the cookbook everyone needs!




#Christmas Pudding


The reverse advent calendar… why you should try it!

Reverse Advent Box

Advent calendar with a difference that makes a difference

Feeling guilty after a moment of extravagance on an M&S beauty advent calendar for myself, I stumbled across this fantastic initiative; the reverse advent calendar.


The Reverse Advent Calendar

Rather than getting a treat each day, you make a donation suitable for your local food bank instead. And you can start this calendar right now, by each day placing a food or hygiene product in a box for the next 25 days. You then deliver the box to your local food bank.

The donations should be tinned
or packet foods with a reasonable
shelf-life and/or toiletries and
household items.

Where to take your donation
Visit www.trusselltrust.org to find out where your local food bank is based. There are often drop-off points in supermarkets too.

We began our family box on Saturday. I hope you can spare a few items too.

No-one should go hungry, and especially not at Christmas.




Dairy Diary 2018 now available




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