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Get a little bit crafty this Christmas

Crafty Christmas

There’s something incredibly therapeutic about sitting in front of the fire creating something lovely.

And with these simple tags, you can add a personal touch to Christmas gifts without spending lots of time and money.


Here’s how:


What you’ll need

  • A selection of offcuts of cards and paper
  • Ready-made tags (optional)
  • A hole punch
  • Ribbons
  • Christmas buttons or embellishments
  • Double-sided tape
  • Black pen




Christmas Gift TagesChristmas gifts tag

1 Punch a hole in a piece of rectangular card. Thread a ribbon through the hole.

2 Cut 3 squares in different sizes and stick them onto the card.

3 Adorn with ribbon and/or buttons to look like presents.


Christmas tree tag

1 Punch a hole in a piece of rectangular card. Thread a ribbon through the hole.

2 From green card, cut out 2 isosceles triangles of equal size (draw around the first to ensure the second is identical). Stick 1 triangle onto the tag. Fold the second triangle in half and stick only 1 half on top of the first – this gives a 3D tree effect.

3 Stick a piece of ribbon below the tree for its trunk and a star button or embellishment above.


Baubles tag

1 Make 2 tags as above or use ready-made tags.

2 Cut around 2 pence pieces to create as many round bauble as you would like – I have made 3. Stick 2 onto the tags and fold the third in half. Stick this on top of another to create a 3D effect.

3 Draw ‘strings’ onto the tags using a black pen.

4 Stick on other buttons/embellishments to create more baubles ‘hanging’ from the string.





Happy Christmas everyone!

We all know that Christmas is the perfect time to get together with all the family.

Relax after your Christmas guests have goneEven those of us hopeless at keeping in touch usually manage a meet-up over the Christmas period.

However, once the influx of people has disappeared and just a few mince pie crumbs remain, it is lovely to relax, put your feet up and enjoy some tranquillity (and dubious TV programmes.)

Unless you have small children of course!

Clever Cooking

Our Clever Cooking for One or Two cookbook is the perfect antidote to the Christmas frivolities. Full of easy recipes for one or two, it will keep you satisfied with delicious food, without having to slave in the kitchen for hours or waste ever-more expensive ingredients.

This delicious Cranberry & Muesli Muffin recipe from the book is just perfect for using up the leftover cranberry sauce.

Make your own Cranberry Sauce

If you need a simple recipe try our Cranberry Sauce (a world away from the stuff found in a jar). It’s taken from our new edition Dairy Book of Home Cookery – so hot off the press, it doesn’t go on sale until next summer!

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