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Happy Halloween Recipes

Happy Halloween


Recipes for a Happy Halloween

Stroll around any supermarket and you will be literally attacked by Halloween merchandise – it’s everywhere!

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the whole Halloween thing – especially encouraging our children to dress up in hellish costumers and knock on strangers’ doors begging for sweets. However, it can be a great excuse to get crafting.

Halloween pumpkin carving

The most obvious thing to do, of course, is pumpkin carving.  A beautifully carved pumpkin can be really quite lovely.  I don’t know if we have the talent to produce something like this but we will certainly attempt a simple version.

And in the 2014 Dairy Diary, there’s a fab Pumpkin & Ginger Risotto recipe for using up leftover pumpkin flesh. Ideal for a romantic meal for two after the children are safely tucked up in bed!

And for the little ones to make? How about this fabulous recipe for Halloween Cake Pops? They are simple to make and look so pretty (although our talented food stylist Sara, may be a little more artistic than my children!)

Halloween recipes

There are many more super seasonal recipes in the 2014 Dairy Diary and it’s only a click away!

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Halloween | Pumpkin carving with kids and delicious pumpkin recipes

Halloween fun with kids and pumpkin recipes

The trick to creating the perfect Halloween treat

Most children take great delight in carving spooky features into pumpkins at Halloween.


Pumpkin carving fun with your children

Choose your pumpkin – a large, ripe pumpkin that has smooth, even surfaces and sits comfortably without danger of rolling over is best.

Sketch your pattern on paper to suit the size and shape of your pumpkin. If you’re not artistic, use a stencil or template.

Make the lid by drawing a 125mm (5″) circle on the top. Cut out the lid with the saw/blade at an angle – leaning slightly to the outside – this will stop the lid dropping inside. Remove the lid and clean its base.

The kids can remove the inside – they love this slimy job and can easily remove all the seeds and mushy stuff. Then you can takeover scraping with a spoon or ice-cream scoop. Thin walls make carving easier, but don’t make them too thin or the pumpkin will collapse. Make the base inside flat to accommodate a candle.

Apply your pattern by copying freehand onto the clean, dry pumpkin with a marker/pen/pencil or tape your paper pattern to the pumpkin and mark the design by poking holes through the pattern.

Let’s carve – adults only if you’re using a knife! Carefully begin at the centre of your pattern and work outward – small shapes first. The kids can push out the shapes as you go. Lastly ensure the pumpkin sits stably without danger of rolling.

Light up – place a tea-light in the base. Ensure the candle is level and carefully light it. Always extinguish the candle when leaving the room.

For a carving tool, we recommend a pumpkin saw. If you’re using a knife (small and sharp) carve gently and steadily, making a few gentle strokes for each cut.

But what do you do with all
the leftover pumpkin flesh?

The 2013 Dairy Diary has the answer with this scrumptious Pumpkin & Bean Soup recipe. And why not finish off with a comforting Treacle Sponge?

Pumpkin recipes for Halloween



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