Boxing Day, sherry anyone?

Originally known as St Stephen’s Day, Boxing Day reputedly took its name from the ‘Christmas Boxes’ that were traditionally given as a thank you to tradespeople for their services throughout the year.

These boxes were usually given on the first working day after Christmas – the 26th December – hence the name Boxing Day.

So what will you be doing today? Possibly indulging in a small tipple? Sherry maybe?

Despite its reputation as an old fashioned drink attributed to old ladies, sherry is seeing something of a revival with bars dedicated to the fortified wine popping up across the country.

According to The Independent, ‘M&S, which has seen sherry sales rise 15 per cent in the past three months, talks of a “Downton effect”. Sue Daniels, its sherry winemaker, said: “Sherry is one of the best kept secrets in wine, and seeing it enjoyed by the Downton Abbey characters has obviously sparked our appetites for it – it’s great to see it having a revival.”’

So, during the Christmas special of Downton, if we see the cast tucking enthusiastically into a bowl of tripe, will we all follow suit? I seriously doubt it!

Raspberry Sherry Amaretto TrifleRaspberry, Sherry & Amaretto Trifle
A wonderfully flavoured trifle that’s perfect for the Christmas break

Recipe taken from Dairy Book of Home Cookery
which is available from the Dairy Diary store.


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