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National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week & the London Stationery Show

What was your favourite stationery product as a child?

I had many bits and pieces over the years but my most treasured items were a tiny scented eraser (remember those?) in a little plastic box with a lid and a shiny turquoise pencil with a sparkly gem on the end (I still use this though it’s quite short now after many years of sharpening).

As a child I adored stationery and still do,
so I am immensely excited to be travelling
down to the London Stationery Show today.

London Stationery ShowIt’s going to be a hectic three days building the exhibition stand and sharing our diaries with the trade but I can’t wait to show off our new products. Maybe I will even be able to pilfer a new sparkly gem pencil!

Many pontificate about the death of the paper diary with the widespread use of the smartphone but I think there’s no comparison. You can’t flick easily from week to week to view your plans on a phone – and there’s certainly no weekly recipe sat on the page to inspire you. Amongst many other useful things, our diaries also have a handy pocket to store bits of paper, vouchers and cards – phones don’t have pockets.

Bias aside, I think paper diaries have a valuable place in our stationery repertoire in 2016 and for many years to come. Hurrah for stationery!






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Mark National Stationery Week with this easy 5 minute craft project

National Stationery Week


National Stationery Week

Mark National Stationery Week with this easy 5 minute craft project

It may be a girl thing, but ever since my friends and I were small, we have loved stationery.

The fruity aromas from scented erasers, the pretty patterned notebooks, gorgeous folders and the joy of a new box of pencil crayons – stationery provided endless delights.

It’s quite handy then that as
my chosen career I work on
several stationery products!

National Stationery WeekI also like to dabble in crafts now and again and have had a go at these cute little button paperclips. They’re ever so slightly fiddly but only take a couple of minutes and they’re so cute!

  1. Simply find a few pretty old buttons (the ones with sticky-out backs).
  2. Cut a narrow piece of masking tape and thread through the back.
  3. Place the curve of a (matching) paperclip over the back of the button and stick down the tape.

These are ideal for attaching to postcards and thank you cards with a small token gift.


  • Received flowers? As a thank you, post a card with a packet of flower seeds attached.
  • Enjoyed help from a friend? Send a card with a sachet of hot chocolate and the message, ‘Relax with a cuppa’.
  • Enjoyed a fabulous party? Say thank you with a card and bookmark.


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