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How to Create a Healthy Eating Plan

How to create a healthy eating plan


Creating my Healthy Eating Plan

I have a couple of significant and glamorous birthday parties looming and they have given me the kick up the trousers I need to sort out my diet.

Yes, I eat prettily healthily – I don’t drink sugary drinks (except from the odd glass of wine of course!), I don’t live on ready meals, I try to avoid too much pastry and I rarely eat takeaways.

BUT my downfall is my sweet
tooth, particularly chocolate.

I tend to snack on sugary things a little too often, which is not a great idea given that I have a higher than average chance of developing late-onset diabetes. So, these few pounds that I want to lose for the parties have made me reflect on what I eat and how I eat and I am determined to change my habits forever and hopefully avoid health problems later in life.

My main problem is that many of the foods I currently eat give me a quick blood sugar high followed by a sharp drop. I should be eating foods that keep me fuller for longer and release their energy slowly.

So, this is my plan of action.

  • On my plate always have ¼ carbs, ¼ lean meat or fish and ½ veg or salad.
  • Limit my bread consumption, eating a little wholemeal in the week and treating myself to some gorgeous homemade white toast and butter on a Sunday morning only.
  • Eat a mid-morning and mid afternoon snack. Either a piece of fruit or a small handful of almonds.
  • Eat wholewheat pasta (and as above, less of it) and basmati rice or brown rice.
  • Eat fat free Greek yogurt after dinner (with blueberries or a tiny drizzle of honey) instead of my usual snack-size bag of Maltesters.
  • On a Friday night, let my hair down and ignore all of the above! Well, you only live once




Beef Burgers with Mixed Grain SaladWhat are your top tips
for staying fit and healthy?

Try out this Beef Burgers with
Mixed Grain Salad recipe from
the 2014 Dairy Diary.

It ticks all of the boxes, and is
quick and tasty too!


Fifteen Feel-Good Tips for 2013

Fifteen Feel-Good Tips for 2013


Fifteen Feel-Good Tips for 2013

Post-Christmas, gloomy January is the time of year when people seem to struggle and feel pretty low.

I am a natural optimist and tend to be quite a smiley person but weeks of over indulgence and rubbish weather, being cooped up indoors, have taken their toll.

I have decided to take stock and put in place a few things to make myself feel (and hopefully look) better. Here’s how:

  • Swap my dinner plate for one of the children’s smaller plates. I will eat less without having to resort to ‘diet’ food.
  • Stop moaning!
  • Every lunch hour when it’s fine, take a 30 minute power walk (trainers in my bag ready!) When it’s rainy, STOP, leave my desk for half an hour and read a book or magazine.
  • When I get a spare couple of minutes send my love-ones a text telling them why they are so special.
  • Make soup with leftover veg and take to work for lunch.
  • Do crafts while watching TV – creating something beautiful is so rewarding.
  • Display my jewellery on hooks in the bedroom so I can enjoy it all the time and wear it more often.
  • Compliment people when I think they look good or do something kind.
  • Once a week give myself a proper manicure.
  • Declutter and give-away/sell any unwanted clothes and toys etc.
  • Keep a stash of healthy snacks in my desk and eat less chocolate.
  • Treat myself to my favourite face cream.
  • Drink one glass of water with and between every meal.
  • Reorganise my wardrobe, placing clothes in ’outfits’ that co-ordinate with one another. Mornings should be a lot easier!
  • Place a note inside someone’s lunch bag from time-to-time to brighten their day. (My family members, not random strangers!)


Some of these suggestions are personal to me, but it is so useful to stop for ten minutes and think about your lifestyle and how it may be better or happier.

Try it today and make your own
feel-good list for 2013. I would
love to read yours too!

And here are this week’s healthy snacks. Not quite as delicious as chocolate but still tasty and much healthier.

Spiced bread pudding recipeSpiced bread pudding
Deliciously moist, this bread pudding tastes truly
scrumptious but in actual fact only contains
133 calories and 0.8g of saturated fat per slice.
With its wholemeal bread, it is a good source of
fibre and the dried fruits supply the body with
magnesium and iron.

Strawberry Cream Tea recipeStrawberry cream tea
Cream tea, what a decadent delight! This version
is low in fat and sugar and so can be eaten guilt-free.
The rice cakes make the perfect, crispy base for a
fruity topping, creating a light, yet scrumptious snack.



Both recipes are taken from the Hearty & Healthy Dairy Cookbook.


Homemade Muesli

Start the day a super-healthy way with this delicious breakfast. 

Dairy Diary Homemade MuesliServes 2
Time 20 mins
249 calories per portion
4G fat of which 1.5G is saturated
Suitable for vegetarians

Porridge oats 40–50g (1½–2oz)
Toasted flaked almonds 40g (1½oz), plus extra for decorating
Semi-skimmed milk 225ml (8fl oz)
Red dessert apple 1 small, cored
Clementine, satsuma or small orange 1, peeled and segmented
Raspberries 8–10
Natural yogurt 4 tsp
Honey 1–2 tsp

1 Dividing equally, put oats and toasted flaked almonds into two serving bowls. Add milk, stir well and leave to stand for 5–10 minutes.

2 Meanwhile, cut the apple into thick slices, and then widthways into small wedges. Remove any thick fibres from the orange and cut segments widthways into small pieces.

3 Sprinkle apple, orange pieces and raspberries over the oats and almonds. Top each with 2 teaspoonfuls of yogurt and then sprinkle on a few more almonds. Drizzle honey over the top and enjoy.

A Dairy Diary recipe.

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Food Hospital

Television is positively saturated with food programs nowadays, it seems that we can’t get enough of watching people chop, stir, braise and bake their favoured dishes.

One quite different program has just begun though – Food Hospital.

This program attempts to alleviate medical problems, simply by making dietary changes. This is a subject quite close to my heart – after months of daily headaches, I discovered that I had an intolerance to onion and had to eradicate it from my diet. This small step made a huge difference to my daily health and, despite my GPs reservations, proves to me that diet has a radical impact on the way we feel.

There is a fun quiz on the Food Hospital website to see how much you really know about nutrition http://foodhospital.channel4.com/the-truth-about

Of course, what we eat impacts on our future health as well as how we feel now. Indeed, in the news only this week it is reported that scientists have discovered that eating a diet high in fibre, such as oats and brown rice, can significantly improve your chances of avoiding bowel cancer.

It is also reported that diet-related illnesses cost the NHS £9 billion every year. My wonderful Grandad never smoked or drank, ate loads of fruit and vegetables, cooked all his meals from scratch and hardly ever indulged in junk food. He lived a full and happy life well into his nineties.

So, I am not going to follow any faddy diets (as the Food Hospital website shows, these are often detrimental to our health), but eat as well as I can as often as I can (though the odd chocolate or glass of wine may pass my lips!) and hopefully I will be as healthy as he was.

Start the day a super-healthy way with this delicious Homemade Muesli breakfast.

Dairy Diary Homemade MuesliHomemade Muesli
A Dairy Diary recipe.




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