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Autumn Traditions

Hedgehog in Autumn

We all enjoy Christmas traditions, but I suspect that many of us have our own autumn traditions too.

Seasonal changes and events are an integral part of our countryside and also the British psyche.

As a child apple-bobbing was a ubiquitous game at each of every one of my birthday parties. I’m not sure if any of us enjoyed it that much but, well, it was tradition!

Bobbing Apples Cake

Nowadays, I am far more tempted by the Apple-Bobbing Cake from the 2020 Dairy Diary.

The autumn season usually begins with the packing away of summer clothes and the polishing of boots. The flame-coloured foliage and walks in the crisp autumn sunshine is, in my opinion, ones of life’s greatest joys.

And I relish the time when we have candles lit in an evening. It creates cosiness like nothing else.


When the clocks change, we rush to my parents’ house in the hope of seeing one of their prickly nocturnal visitors.

They often have a procession of hedgehogs eager to stock up on mealworms before their winter sleep.

Unlike the hedgehog, our slow cooker comes out of hibernation and resides on the kitchen worktop in October. Sundays see the aroma of many offerings from said gadget.

One of our new favourites is the ox cheeks recipe from the next Dairy Diary. It’s so flavourful and just melts-in-the-mouth. You can cook it in the oven too.


Slow Spiced Ox Stew

Slow-Braised Ox Cheeks



Dairy Diary 2020And, of course, autumn just wouldn’t be the same without the Dairy Diary.

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Autumn – the best season in Europe?

Autumn is my favourite season

It has been a glorious weekend. As I have three small children I am always up early – rarely by choice – but yesterday it was a pleasure.

The view from the kitchen window – sipping my coffee in an attempt to wake up – showed the valley shrouded in mist, bathed in autumnal sunshine with russet coloured trees dotted along the horizon.

Autumn is my favourite season, I love the change
in temperature, the gorgeous colours and the excuse
to unpack my favourite snuggly clothes!

It has got me thinking about the places I have visited in the autumn and some of the delicious seasonal meals I have eaten whilst on my travels.

In England, one of my favourite haunts is Chatsworth, which is breathtakingly beautiful in October. One year, I had the pleasure of bumping into Antony Gormley whilst admiring a sculpture exhibition. I enjoyed a wonderful wander around the gardens and a delicious roast beef dinner – with the most AMAZING roast potatoes in the estate restaurant.

For beauty, an autumnal Lake District is hard to beat. One climb to Catbells above Derwentwater particularly sticks in my mind – complete with a delicious flapjack on the summit courtesy of a very kind couple we bumped into on the final scramble to the top.

A little further afield, just a short budget plane journey took us to the Bienniale in Venice – a wonderfully eclectic collaboration of art from all around the globe. We had a wonderful few days in the autumn sunshine soaking up the sights, enjoying a proper Italian Bolognese and indulging the occasional ice cream.

Another gorgeous place to visit this month is Bavaria, Germany. The colours in this region are out-of-this-world, especially around the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle. A coffee and slice of strudel in a café in quaint Dinkelsbuhl will always be on my list of favourite cake moments!

So, though the beauty of my surroundings leaves its
indelible mark on me, it’s the food on my travels that
leaves a lasting impression too.

I’d love to hear about your favourite autumnal stamping ground and the meals you have enjoyed there.

Autumnal recipes from the Dairy Diary and Dairy Cookbooks


I’d like to some of my favourite autumnal recipes from Dairy cookbooks and Dairy Diaries… Sausages Baked with Apples & Squash, Red Cabbage Salad and Plum Streusal Tart.

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