Wellies – the best thing you can ever buy for your child

Wellies - the best thing you can ever buy for your child


The best thing you can ever buy for your child

Plus a freebie and a chance to win a cookbook! 


What’s the best thing you ever bought for your child?

Wellies-2My finest purchase has to be wellies – they have undoubtedly created more fun than anything else we have ever bought.

On rainy days they are
perfect for jumping in
muddy puddles.

On icy outings they are ubiquitous for crunching through new-fallen snow and on sunnier occasions they are essential for wading into streams looking for wildlife or sploshing into the sea to jump the waves!

In this digital age (yes I am aware of the irony of typing this on a blog!) it’s vitally important that we get family time outdoors.

And in Britain the majority of us are blessed with fantastic green spaces on our doorstep, whether it is a village green, town park, sandy beach or ancient woodland.

I love the fact that we are a country of such varied and stunning topography packed into such a small space.


Win Clever One Pot cookbook

I recently asked Dairy Diary Facebook followers to share their favourite places and promised to add them to our Pinterest board, which you can see here http://www.pinterest.com/dairydiary/the-beautiful-british-isles

Your favourite British landscapes

Can you help me add even more? Where in Great Britain do you love most? I promise to add all to our Pinterest board and we will give away a copy of Clever One Pot cookbook to our favourite suggestion.


Free Spotter List

Spotter's ListAnd here’s a little project to help you and your little (or not so little) loved ones enjoy and engage with the great outdoors as well as helping with their numerical skills.

It’s something that kept me
occupied on many long
walks as a child and a game
that my children love too.

You provide your child with a list of things to spot (free Spotter’s List to download below) and reward them with a few pence. You’ll have to hoard loose change in advance, though your child should only get their reward for spotting each item once, not multiple times or it may get expensive!

Download our free Spotter’s List here.


Have fun in the great outdoors everyone!


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