Win a copy of Take a Box of Eggs

Win a copy of Take a Box of Eggs, Dairy Cookbook

When I was first researching our new cookbook, Take a box of Eggs, I’m afraid I had the misconception that many of the recipes would be old fashioned.

Was I wrong!

From Huevos Rancheros to Gado Gado Salad, eggs can be used in many imaginative – but still user-friendly ways.

One of my friends has even eaten a thousand-year-old egg (I don’t think this was literal!) when on holiday in Hong Kong.

How do you use eggs
in your cooking?

I would love to hear about any exotic recipes you have tried or intriguing meals with eggs you have enjoyed when dining out. Or simply your all-time favourite.

Get in touch and you could win a copy of Take a Box of Eggs – we have ten up for grabs!

Try these two fabulous recipes from Take a Box of EggsGado Gado Salad and Huevos Rancheros


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  1. karine jade says:

    one of the spanish dishes which I like for starters is “revuelto de gambas” or “revuelto de asparagos” (if you want to describe it that would look like scrambled eggs with prawns or with asparagus.

  2. Margaret Norton says:

    I love eggs, especially gently poached and served on a toasted muffin with a large flat mushroom. Yum! Must admit though I’m not very adventurous when it comes to cooking with eggs and tend to stick to basic recipes like omelettes etc so new ideas would be very welcome here!

  3. Karen R says:

    The most unusual thing I have with eggs is eggnog – raw eggs, double cream, sweetener and vanilla essence. A lot nicer than it sounds!

  4. Sarah Hawley says:

    I love eggs in anything whether its eggy bread to boiled egg, poached scrambled with cream and smoked salmon is just delicious, to tuna noiciose or Spanish tortilla … I just love em !!!!

  5. elaine stokes says:

    my gramp always made me tomato eggs, and now i make it alot. Its cheep to make and taste great. A tin of tomatos with two eggs cracked into it then topped with cheese baked for 30mins and there you have it yummmmmmmmmmmmy

  6. Samantha Wackenier says:

    I have started making me and my husband Chicken Egg Fried Rice for our lunches, we are trying to save money at the moment, so its cheap to make and with a bit of added broccoli, its great protein!

  7. Suzanne Pinnell says:

    I enjoy making the fabulous Victoria Sponge recipe from the Classic Cakes book and vary the filling with different flavours of the butterfrosting recipe.I also use the frosting for the top and decorate with different decorations….coloured balls…zest…chocolate flakes…whichever way my mood takes me.
    Also I cannot resist the basic boiled eggs with soldiers…firm white and runny yolk for dipping the soldiers in…seasoned with a touch of salt and pepper…Mmmmm…scrummy….What every child loves to do even when they are fully grown adults but still a child at heart .

  8. evpow says:

    Both my husband and myself love eggs. We eat them poached, fried, boiled and scrambled. We have them with potatoes, rice, pasta and chips. Would love this “Take a box of eggs” to get more ideas on different recipes and ways to use eggs.

  9. maddalena dalton says:

    my favourite recipe is frittata made with eggs fresh bread crumbs fresh parsley parmesan cheese black pepper and salt.basically an italian omelete.

  10. Pearl Davison says:

    I love to make Spanish Tortillas with lovely fresh eggs but my all time favourite is poached eggs on toast.

    A few drops of vinegar in the poaching water and served with a little salt and pepper and a dollop of HP sauce on the side for dipping.

    Toast has to be buttered with butter, none of your artificial stuff!

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