Dairy Cookbooks join the digital age

Take a Box of Eggs QR codes shopping lists


Did you know that our latest cookbook Take a Box of Eggs has a QR code for each of its recipes?

Each QR code can be scanned using a smartphone to provide an exact list of ingredients to refer to when out shopping.

The data is contained within the QR code so you don’t require an internet connection to access your shopping list – useful in supermarkets where there is often no connection.

This is the first time this technology has been used in the Dairy Cookbook series and Executive Editor, Nick Rowe, believes it will prove a big hit with consumers.

“The Dairy Cookbook series has been going since 1968 and it has evolved over time, which is why our recipe books are still an essential kitchen companion. We are constantly looking at ways of improving the ‘user experience’ and this felt like a natural step. A large percentage of the population have a smartphone, so it made sense to include QR codes with our recipes because it will make the job of buying ingredients quicker and easier.”

Take a Box of Eggs explores the delights of cooking with eggs and features over 100 easy-to-follow recipes using ‘nature’s own convenience food’.

To order the Take a Box of Eggs cookbook

The book is priced at £7.49 (plus P&P).


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