These are a few of my favourite things…..

Roald Dahl Day

Oh what a lot to enjoy this week! Wednesday is Roald Dahl Day, which gives us all an excuse to revel in his books again.

I loved his stories as a child and now I am able to relive those magical moments with my four year-old who is enraptured by his writing and in fits of giggles at his revolting rhyme.

The official Roald Dahl Day takes place every year on the birthday of the wonderful storyteller.

This year sees the celebration
of 30 years of the swizzfiggling
Big Friendly Giant.

The BFG is famous for catching, creating and making dreams come true.

Online there will be gloriumptious opportunities galore to celebrate, including the chance to win dream-come-true prizes.

There are also downloadable packs to give anyone to opportunity to party and raise money for Dahl’s Children’s Charity.

Also this week it’s Beachwatch Weekend.

Beachwatch Big Weekend 2012Besides reading to my little ones, one of my other passions is the seaside (it’s a shame I live in Cheshire!) I adore wandering along the sand and sifting through the myriad of coloured stones, shells and other bits and bobs I may discover.

Sadly, it’s not just natural objects that get washed up on the shore and Beachwatch Big Weekend is a National Event run by the Marine Conservation Trust to encourage volunteers to help clean our beautiful beaches.

Beach litter is on the increase and is unsightly and dangerous – wildlife gets caught up in it or can swallow it and die.

Thousands of volunteers take to
beaches all around the UK coast
on this weekend to clean up and
record the rubbish they find.

Beachwatch Big Weekend is part of the International Coastal Cleanup which takes place in 80 countries worldwide and the data helps MCS shape its beach litter campaigns and keep it on the Government’s agenda.

For events near you see


Win a Joseph Joseph nesting setThese Joseph Joseph set would also be amongst my favourite things if I owned them!

How gorgeous and practical is this set of stacking bowls and spoons?

Definitely one for my list for Santa this year! You could win them! Enter now.

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