Dairy Diary 2013 now available!

Dairy Diary 2013

Every year I am astonished at how early people start to ask for the following year’s Dairy Diary.

This year, I think we might have the record for the earliest, with a request in May!

We know that it’s Britain’s best-loved diary, so maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised. Since its first edition back in 1982, it has sold well over 20 million copies!

Described as a ‘compendium of practical information’, the 2013 Dairy Diary is packed with useful hints and tips, making it the essential book for running any busy home. Split into seven easy-to-use sections, it’s full of sage advice on a vast array of subjects, from stain removal to homemade hand treatments, and childhood illnesses to looking after precious metals. It also contains a beginner’s guide to pilates, and helpful tips on how to create a bird friendly garden.

Mouth-watering recipes

The 2013 diary also features a wide selection of mouth-watering recipes to suit all occasions, from quick and simple soups and snacks, to classic staples such as beef casserole and fish pie, and delectable desserts like Hogmanay Tart and Irish Whiskey Cake.

Executive Editor, Nick Rowe, says:

“The Dairy Diary has become an essential companion over the years and this latest version, our 31st edition, is the most comprehensive one we have produced so far.
“It’s packed with recipes and practical hints and tips, which makes it an excellent point of reference.
“This edition contains some inspiring articles on a host of different topics, from bread making to homemade hand treatments, and how to transform your garden into a haven for birds.”

It’s simple to order:

  • www.dairydiary.co.uk to order online.
  • Ring 0845 0948 128 to order over the phone (Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm).
  • Or put a note out with your empties to order from your milkman.

Cherry Biscuits recipeEnjoy this Cherry Biscuits recipe
from the 2013 Dairy Diary .

Just a taster of the fantastic
recipes inside.


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