Handmade Valentine’s Card

There’s something really special about receiving a card that has been handmade.

It may not have cost as much, but the thought and time that has gone into it account for a lot more.

I have probably rabbited on about it in the past, but cardmaking is one of my favourite pastimes.

Here’s the one I have made for my fantastic other half (I hope he doesn’t read the blog today!)

If you would like to give it a go, just follow the steps below. It’s so simple; just make sure you have materials with different patterns of the same colour.

1 First cut a square of card and several pieces of ribbon a little longer than the length of the card. Using tape, attach several pieces of ribbon all along one side on the back of the card.

2 Stick down one length of ribbon on the back of an adjacent side and then weave through the other ribbons. Stick the other end to the back. Repeat.

3 Cut 2 or 3 pieces of paper that coordinate with your ribbons. Using double-sided tape, affix one on top of the other and fix onto a blank card.

4 Glue a heart embellishment in the centre of your woven ribbons. Tadaa!

I am sure your loved-one will love it. Enjoy your special time together.

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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