National Libraries Day

I love our local library. It’s the heart of the community in our little town.

Nothing like the libraries of yesteryear where hush was expected, it’s buzzing with lively children (including my own), hosts local groups, promotes local events and has sing-a-longs for little ones.

A local artist can often be found
sketching from local history books
and working on his watercolours.

I have also recently discovered the convenience of the library online. It’s a fantastic resource, where you can renew books – invaluable for those whose children adore their reading books so much they can’t bear to take them back (and maybe their Mummy may forget!!); search the catalogue; reserve books and order the latest releases.

On Saturday libraries across the UK will be celebrating National Libraries Day with a range of events for library users to enjoy. The day is a celebration of the work done in school, college and public libraries to promote learning, literacy and the enjoyment of reading to all.

Library users new and old are being encouraged to go along to their local library and find out about the great services on offer – from book loans and homework clubs to advice on starting a business and how to get online.

Watercolour Painting Tips

As I am often inspired by the local artist in my library I thought I would share some tips on watercolour painting from the Dairy Diary.

If you have a few spare hours on Sunday, give it a try, it’s incredibly rewarding (and don’t forget to pop along to your local library on Saturday too!)

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