The History of Halloween, Dairy Diary-Style

I’m often asked to find recipes from previous editions of the Dairy Diary, so I spend quite a lot of time flicking through old copies.

As the Dairy Diary is now in its 30th year, there are quite a few to peruse!

It’s always interesting to see how photography and crockery styles have changed over the years. Some of the styling in the eighties and early nineties makes me chuckle.

For a number of years, there was a fashion for including props which were supposed to relate to the recipe in some way. My favourite one is the recipe for Smoked Ham Cornets, which is pictured with a brass cornet!  Hee hee.

The 1993 edition is a fantastic book for these, though how Lancashire Fruit Braid relates to an embroidery hoop or Savoury Potato Skins relates to a Cluedo board I am not sure!

This week, I have been browsing Halloween recipes.

Here are some examples you may like to chuckle or reminisce at…

Halloween Dairy Diary-style

I love my job. The Dairy Diary is so fabulous. Though thank goodness fashions have moved on, or I would spend a fortune on props! Moving into the 21st century……this Pumpkin Gratin from the 2012 Dairy Diary is perfect for using leftover pumpkin.

Enjoy your lantern carving! I would love to see some pics.

Halloween Pumpkin Gratin from the 2012 Dairy DiaryHalloween Pumpkin Gratin
Perfect for a chilly Halloween celebration.

Recipe taken from 2012 Dairy Diary.

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