There goes summer!

People are saying summer’s well and truly over now, which I think is a shame.

Apparently, it’s been the coolest since 1993 – can’t remember that one specifically, but it’s a bit disappointing, especially after such a wonderful spring.

I’m hoping for a few more days of sun to sit outside for lunch-time salads or sarnies. Sometimes early autumn can be warm and lovely, and we do still have a holiday in Greece to look forward to – booked in the early part of the year and now creeping up increasingly fast to catch us unawares. (Holidays are like that – it’s part of their charm!)

As well as sun, sea, lazing, walking and no pressure to do anything we don’t want to do, I’m looking forward to the food on the island.

All those fresh aubergines and courgettes, and olives and feta cheese, luscious tomatoes and beautiful sweet onions, not to mention freshly cooked chips from home-grown potatoes and fish straight from the sea.

I remember from my meat-eating days that lamb roasted Greek style is second to none (there’s a good recipe in Just One Pot, by the way – the secret, apparently, is to cook it very slowly). And who would think to add nutmeg or cinnamon to a stew? But it makes them so flavoursome.

These days, vegetarian moussaka is high on my list – those aubergines again. The Vegetarian Moussaka-style Bake (also in Just One Pot) is definitely worth a go. But it’s the herbs, really. They make the taste of Greece – marjoram, thyme, coriander. And oregano sprinkled over everything – you can even buy oregano flavoured crisps. Actually, I think I’d better bring walking to the top of the ‘things to do on holiday’ list, or ‘going on a diet’ will be top of things to do when we get back.

All best
Dairy Diary Team

Vegetarian Moussaka-style BakeVegetarian Moussaka-style Bake
Delicious Mediterranean vegetables layered with creamy sauce.

Recipe taken from Just One Pot.

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