Recipe books

I have become increasingly involved in my school’s PTA, to a point where I have now found myself suggesting fundraising projects that will sit heavily and squarely on my shoulders.

Designing a cookbookThis week we have our first meeting to decide on the specifics of a recipe book to sell at Christmas time.

As a designer, I thought my skills could easily be applied to it and it wouldn’t actually take many hours to put together. What I hadn’t thought of was the work involved in the concept.

In my working life that has all been done for me by the time it lands at my desk. I simply copy and paste, move things around, add some colour, and ‘voila’!

So, looking for inspiration I have dug out some of my favourite recipe books. Of course, this has made me hungry… and what I really fancy is the Red Pesto Lamb with Pasta from the Good Food Fast cookbook, because it really is just that. A tried and tested family favourite, super quick, loved by all… except Heidi, my friend’s daughter, who is coming round for tea tonight. She doesn’t like peppers, and that is the main vegetable of this dish.

Oh well, I shall have to put that one on hold for another night and see what else I can find.

Have a great week.

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