Dairy Diary 2013

We here on the Dairy Diary team are already starting on the 2013 edition – can you believe it?

So, to us, not only are the months flying past as we make our way into April, but also the years.

Cutlers' Hall, SheffieldIf you are busy looking ahead to plan your wedding for 2012 you might like to know that the beautiful Syon Park, near Richmond in South West London, is opening up it’s diary dates for weddings and events. I admit I have never been, but it looks gorgeous! Perhaps a good place to take a picnic and walk through the lovely gardens if we have a much sought after spring weekend?

Instead of taking along some boring, dry sandwiches you could try making the Savoury Biscuits from the 2011 Dairy Diary, page 67. My husband had the good fortune to recipe test these, and they are incredibly moreish! Lovely with some cheese roulade or pate.

However, as I live in Sheffield and am married to a silversmith, I suspect I shall be spending at least part of my weekend touring the Cutler’s Hall in our City Centre as part of Galvanize Sheffield, a festival of contemporary metal design. If I am lucky I may get whisked off for a pub lunch afterwards… maybe I should make a batch of biscuits too for a light supper when we get back?

Have a great week

Dairy Diary Team

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