Mother’s Day approaches

So Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. Do young children still give their mothers a posy of primroses and/or violets and a card they’ve made themselves? It’s a lovely tradition.

Happy Mother's DayMothering Sunday is the old-fashioned name for the day. Apparently, folk used to attend the largest church in their area on this day, their ‘mother’ church, and were said to have gone ‘mothering’.

Domestic servants and apprentices were given the day off (maybe the only one in the year) to go and visit their mothers. So although it may be a bit commercialised now, it was always a big deal!

Mother’s Day is always the fourth Sunday in Lent – over halfway through, so not long to go if you’ve given up something difficult to resist.

At one time a simnel cake was baked and kept for Easter. What restraint! Simnel cakes are covered in marzipan – try this delicious Simnel Cake recipe.

I’m planning to have a go at the Coffee Battenberg on page 111 of this year’s Dairy Diary, and there’s no chance that it’ll last till Easter.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Dairy Diary Team.


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