Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

The forsythia bush in the garden is looking a bit odd.

It’s quite big and beautifully trimmed into a round shape (not by me!) and just near the ground it’s covered in bright yellow flowers, but the rest is a thick tangle of branches with not a flower in sight.

When I’m in the kitchen I always take a minute to watch because it’s a haven for sparrows – a few years ago there didn’t seem to be many in the garden and now there are hundreds and they’ve really discovered the forsythia bush.

ColcannonSt Patrick’s Day on Thursday has reminded me of Colcannon, a substantial mashed potato dish, just right for these days when it’s still cold enough to need warming up.

The basics are boiled potatoes and shredded cabbage – and fresh Cornish spring greens are just hitting the shops – mashed together with butter and a little milk, but you can add other bits and pieces, such as finely chopped spring onions.

I’m told it’s very good with chopped bacon mixed in, and goes well with pork. I like it with naturally smoked haddock or cod (not the canary yellow variety). You could even flake the fish into the creamy mash – and maybe grate a little mild cheese on top so it melts in. Delicious!

Colcannon is the perfect accompaniment for Liver & Bacon on Irish Soda Farls from Just One Pot. Try it on Wednesday to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. It takes less than 30 minutes and tastes simply wonderful.

Dairy Diary Team

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