Merry Christmas to all our blog readers

Is it just me or is everyone else’s head stuck in a perpetual checklist this week?

Have I bought all the gifts; Have I wrapped all the gifts; Have I delivered all the cards; Is all the food in the fridge; When and what do I need to cook; What shall I wear etc. etc. there is no let up. Roll on December 25th! With a two year old, it’s going to be really magical this year. We have some cunning ideas for Santa Claus and his reindeer too, with muddy hoof prints in the conservatory and a wisp of beard on the mince pie plate. It’s like being a child again I am so excited!

Things are almost all finished for this year in the Dairy Diary office. All the orders have been despatched, the office has been tidied and the proofs for next year’s books signed off. We have also drawn this year’s competition winners. Four of our lucky purchasers have each won a £250 M & S giftcard – I am VERY envious.

All that remains to be said for this year is Happy Christmas to all who read the blog. Have a truly festive and fun-filled time and a very happy 2010. I am sure for lots of us 2009 has offered many ‘ups and downs’, but let’s hope 2010 is just full of ‘ups’!

Our last recipe to share with you is this gorgeous chestnut soup – perfect for warming you up after a wintry stroll and for using up that surfeit of chestnuts. Enjoy.

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