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5 useful things to do during lockdown

5 useful things to do during lockdown

While the weather is changeable (at best!), and we’re still at home, make the most of the time by getting some really useful tasks done during lockdown; you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction afterwards.

Here are 5 useful things to do during lockdown

Thins to do during lockdown

  1. If you’re anything like me, you have a purse bursting with loyalty cards. Download an app, such as the Stocard app onto your phone, scan them all in and you don’t have to carry them all around with you.
  2. If your address book is crammed with cards and scraps of paper, give it a refresh; write everything in on the correct page. Or have a complete revamp and purchase a new one. Our popular Addresses & Reminders Book comes with a tabbed address section and also reminders for birthdays and gift/Christmas card lists.
  3. Plan your garden. Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to wander round your garden making plans for the year. Be inspired by our features on The Fragrant Garden, Planting Bulbs or Gardening for Colour.
  4. Organise your bookshelves. Order books by theme, in alphabetic order, or (my favourite as it looks so lovely) by colour. Give yourself plenty of time as you’re bound to begin browsing while completing this task.
  5. Batch cook. Make bigger quantities of soups, stews, curries, bakes, scones etc and freeze them for use in the coming weeks. There’s plenty of inspiration on the recipe section of our website. This recipe from our fabulous Around Britain cookbook makes 12 cheese scones; a couple to enjoy now and 10 for the freezer.
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Emily Davenport

Emily Davenport

I post a blog every week featuring food, family and fun. There are lots of useful household tips, crafty ideas, giveaways and delicious recipes that I think you will find irresistible.

Museums and mini beasts

I simply must rave about my local museum. My son and I had a day off together as my childminder (otherwise known as Mum and Dad) is on holiday.

Isaac and I decided to dodge the rain and try out a new exhibition at the museum. We were there for hours! It was wonderful!

There were so many hands-on exhibits for Isaac – magnifying glasses for examining mini beasts, dressing-up costumes, puzzles, crayons, Velcro pictures and much more. I am so glad I have encouraged museum visits in my recent Family Fun feature for the 2011 Dairy Diary.

Museums are not just for kids of course – there was plenty for me to learn too! Our lunch in the café was very disappointing though, dishes home-made from local ingredients (as you would expect) were sadly lacking. We opted to share a soggy jacket potato and beans followed by a very dry and definitely not home-made scone. Next time I think we will take a picnic and bake our own scones.

Drop in to your local museum next time you have a rainy day and let me know what it’s like (you might want to take these fabulous Wholesome Raisin Scones with you though!)

Wholesome raisin scones

Home-baked scones are a fabulous comfort food – tasty, great texture and surprisingly good for you.

Wholesome Raisin Scones

Wholesome Raisin Scones

Time 45 minutes
Makes 14
Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for freezing

Raisins 175g (6oz)
Orange juice 3 tbsp
Self-raising flour 225g (8oz)
Wholemeal flour 225g (8oz)
Baking powder 4 tsp
Caster sugar 50g (2oz), plus extra for sprinkling
Butter 150g (5oz)
Buttermilk 284ml carton
Egg 1 large, beaten
Milk for brushing

1 Soak raisins in orange juice in a small bowl for 10–15 minutes. Preheat oven to 425ºC/425ºF/Gas 7.

2 Sift both flours with baking powder into a large bowl, mix in sugar, then rub in butter and make a well in centre.

3 Add soaked raisins (including any remaining liquid), buttermilk and egg to flour and mix to make a soft, slightly sticky dough. Knead lightly on a floured surface, just enough to smooth. Roll out to 2.5cm (1in) thick.

4 Using a floured, 6.5cm (2½ in) plain round cutter, stamp out circles from dough and place on a baking tray. Re-knead and re-roll trimmings and stamp out more scones.

5 Brush scones with a little milk and bake for 12–15 minutes, until well-risen, golden brown and sounding hollow when tapped on base. Sift caster sugar over tops and cool.

A Dairy Diary 2007 recipe.

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