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Coffee Culture

Coffee shops are springing up on high streets all over the country, which may seem to indicate that we are drinking a lot more coffee – truth is we are actually drinking a lot more milk.

Coffee Culture 2013The latte, as its names suggests, is mainly hot flavoured milk, and the choice of flavouring can be comfortingly familiar or enticingly revolutionary!

Coffee houses have made a spectacular comeback in the 21st century. Gone are the days of steamy hot-water machines, formica-topped tables and juke boxes in the corner. Instead, you find comfortable chairs, a choice of cup sizes and a whole new range of flavours, such as gingerbread and banoffee.

The latest incarnation of coffee-house culture made its way to these shores from Italy and America, and the Brits have embraced it wholeheartedly, enthusiastically adapting it to suit.

According to research carried out for Taylerson’s Coffee Syrups, amaretto is particularly popular with the over 40s whereas ginger is taking over from the ever-popular vanilla and hazelnut.

Caramel is another favourite, and during the festive season everyone gets carried away with novelty flavours, such as Christmas cake. Seasonal changes make drinks more fun, and some coffees work hot or cold. Spiced Chai flavourcoffee, for example, is a lovely warming drink in the depths of winter, and yet is popular iced in the hottest summer.

Making a frappe

Mocha, mint choc, strawberry and banana all make a great iced coffee drink, or frappe (pronounced ‘frapay’), which is a kind of milkshake for grownups. Baristas – the people who prepare the coffee (from the Italian for ‘bartender’) – often use frappes as their ‘signature’ drink, and occasionally include alcohol to make it even more interesting. Making a frappe couldn’t be simpler. All you need is some crushed ice and about 10ml of flavoured syrup to 200ml of cold milk. Whizz them all together in a blender and seconds later it’s ready. Pour into a tall, frosted glass and you’ve got a long, cool, refreshing drink. Top it off with chocolate flakes, cream or even mini marshmallows.

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