How to remember absolutely everything!

Juggling work, children (or grandchildren), housework, paperwork, friends and family can be enormously challenging in our frenetic lifestyle where women can ‘have it all’.

The best way to keep track of everything is to keep it all in one place – in your diary.

The Dairy Diary has it covered:

Keep receipts, parcel return labels and shopping lists in the pocket at the front.

Make a note of the friendly plumber you found, your car insurance company, your national insurance number, etc. in the handy reminders section (there are lots of prompts to help you out).

Use stickers from the sticker sheet liberally through the diary, wherever you need a reminder: birthdays, hair appointments, vet check-ups and even when the boiler needs servicing.

Every time something occurs to you – write it down! It’s out of your head and recorded on paper and easy to find. That could be ideas for days out or future holiday destination, as well as meetings, events and appointments.

Of course, there are daily entries (Dairy Diary pages are week-to-view so it’s easy to glance at what your week looks like) but it also has a weekly reminders panel for general to-dos, meal ideas and thoughts for that week plus copious notes pages at the back.

You’ll even find a gift record, so you can jot down ideas for birthday and Christmas presents, as well as ensuring you never buy the same gift twice!

And not sure what to cook for dinner? Every week has a delicious weekly recipe to inspire you. And all have been triple-tested so you can be confident that they’ll work AND taste amazing.

Dairy Diary is available to buy now

Treat yourself (and a friend) to a beautifully organised 2022.



Emily Davenport

I post a blog every week featuring food, family and fun. There are lots of useful household tips, crafty ideas, giveaways and delicious recipes that I think you will find irresistible.

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