Your Top 5 Recipes of 2020

Your Top 5 Recipes of 2020

Here are your
Top 5 Recipes of 2020


We get thousands of visitors to our website, and in particular the recipe collections, but an astonishing 66,000 people viewed the Boiled Fruit Cake recipe! It just goes to show how good it is.

66,000 people viewed the
Boiled Fruit Cake recipe!

This particular recipe features with plenty more favourites in our Dairy Diary Favourites cookbook; a compendium of the most-requested recipes of all time.

Here is that very fruit cake recipe, as well as the others that appeared in the top 5 recipes of 2020.

I have to say, you all have very good taste and I wish I could come round for tea as these are all absolutely delish!

What would your top 5 recipes of 2020 be?

Please let us know in the comments below.


Boiled Fruit Cake

“I’ve been making this cake since the early eighties from my ‘Dairy Diary’. I’m thrilled I’ve found it again, it’s a totally gorgeous cake! Love it ! ”

Recipe taken from the Dairy Diary Favourites cookbook.


Speedy Chocolate Sponge Puddings

Delectable chocolate sponge puddings smothered with a rich dark chocolate sauce.

Totally irresistible.

A Dairy Diary recipe.


Pineapple, Coconut & Fruit Loaf

One of our favourite recipes too!

It’s super-simple yet packed with flavour and texture. You must try it!

A Dairy Diary recipe.


Yogurt Cake

It’s yummy, but I think its appeal is down to its simplicity. It’s incredibly quick to make.

Give it a try, you won’t believe how speedy it is.

A Dairy Diary recipe.


Gooseberry & Ginger Jam

I think this Gooseberry & Ginger Jam is my favourite jam of all time.


A Dairy Diary recipe.



Dairy Diary Favourites CookbookDairy Diary Favourites

Enjoy Boiled Fruit Cake plus 99 more of the best recipes from 35 years of the Dairy Diary, including at least one from each edition.

From speedy weekday meals to tested crowd-pleasers, there is something for everyone in this beautiful cookbook.

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Emily Davenport
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