Make the Perfect Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies

Comfort food is a must in the current times

I, for one, have vowed to no more ‘New-Year-new-me’ declarations, which usually involves depriving myself of the things I love (which roughly translates to no chocolate).

Chocolate Brownies are one of
my absolute favourite treats.

This recipe from Fantastic Food For Less is foolproof; whenever I bake them the result is gorgeous, rich, gooey brownies. Perfectly served with classic vanilla ice cream.

They are relatively low in calories per portion too, so win-win!

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For more feel-good food take a look at our recipe collection here.

Emma Snow

Emma Snow

I am the Brand Executive for Dairy Diary. A passionate foodie (with a very sweet-tooth). Who likes to blog about all things DIY & scrumptious recipes.

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