Dairy Diary stickers save the day!

Dairy Diary 2021 with stickers

Avoid the embarrassment of forgotten dates with Dairy Diary stickers


As my friends and family will attest, I’m a little organise-obsessed (apologies to my husband here). I’d love to be laid-back and spontaneous, but it’s just not me.

Imagine my horror then when I almost missed a birthday this week.

The name was written in my Dairy Diary, but I had forgotten to put a birthday sticker next to it.

Sporadically, I’ll look through my diary for stickers and then buy gifts, cards and wrap well in advance of posting them.

This week, however, required a mad dash to the farm shop for a couple of books, a mildly eccentric card found in the bottom of the drawer, and some very inappropriate gift-wrapping (how many 12-year old boys appreciate pink flamingos?!)


Dairy Diary with stickers I'm notes pocket


This is why I (usually!) find our stickers so very useful.

Not only is there a plethora of birthday stickers, there’s a couple of Christening and Wedding, and some holiday stickers (here’s hoping they get used!) There are also reminders for appointments, such as doctors, vets, dentist etc.

And renewal letters are not always prompt or reliable, so there are renewals reminder stickers too, covering insurances, car tax and service etc.


You’ll find the Memorable Dates Sticker Sheet in the Notes Pocket of every single Dairy Diary.

Look out for yours when you open your 2021 edition


Dairy Diary 2021


Dairy Diary 2021 is available now for just £8.85.




Emily Davenport
Emily Davenport

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