Happy Houseplants

Caring for houseplants

I cannot tell you how many plants have suffered at my hand over the years.


A green thumb is not a quality I am known for!

Even my succulents have not survived longer than a month, which are meant to be hardy plants…

When I discovered that in the 2021 Dairy Diary, we were to have a feature all about house plants, I was very happy indeed.

Especially as it includes ‘tips for beginners’ and a list of starter house plants that can deal with a degree of neglect, so are great for those new to indoor greenery!

If you have any other tips on how to become the next Titchmarsh, let me know in the comments below?



Emma Snow

I am the Brand Executive for Dairy Diary. A passionate foodie (with a very sweet-tooth). Who likes to blog about all things DIY & scrumptious recipes.

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