Enjoy Seasonal Produce

Seared Salmon with Quick-Pickled Veg

During the past few months, our local farm shop (which also happens to be our nearest) has been invaluable.

I think that shopping locally has become more important to us all, and to be able to enjoy locally grown produce is something that many of us would also like to embrace.

To enjoy British-grown produce, eating seasonally is essential, and in August we’re particularly lucky to have a wealth of ingredients to choose from.

There are fragrant tomatoes, crisp radishes and plump raspberries to name but a few. Take a look at our Seasonal Food Calendar for more info.


And this scrumptious salmon recipe from the 2021 Dairy Diary uses lots of seasonal ingredients. Just omit the avocado if you want to only buy British as I don’t think we can grow them in our climate.

Seared Salmon with Quick-Pickled Veg



This is just one of many amazing recipes in the 2021 diary, which is available to buy online now, or from your milkman soon.





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