Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day

30 days has September,
April, June and November.
All the rest have 31,
except February alone,
which has 28 days clear,
and 29 each leap year.

Who learned that little ditty at school? Even now, I still recite it in my head when checking diary proofs (yes, honestly!)

And here we are on day 29. The day when women who rather fancy their other halves as husband material may propose. This ‘right’ to propose on 29th February each leap year goes back hundreds of years when Leap Day had no recognition in English law; the day was ‘leapt over’ and ignored, hence the term ‘leap year’.

It was decided that the day had no legal status, meaning that a break in tradition on this day was acceptable. Thankfully, nowadays, we can propose whenever we like, Leap Day or otherwise.



Baked Onion SoupIf you’re not busy proposing today, bake this absolutely delicious recipe. I know a baked soup sounds bizarre, but trust me, it’s worth it. Perfect Saturday lunch fayre.

This recipe is from our Cook it Slowly! cookbook, which is packed full of flavoursome recipes perfect for making ahead.

Baked Onion Soup








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