10 easy ways to be kind to the environment

10 easy ways to be kind to the environment

I’ve listened to a couple of really interesting interviews on radio 4 recently.

The first was from a campaigner who highlighted the damage that the fashion industry does to the environment; it’s the second largest polluter on the planet, after the oil industry.

And the second was with a scientist who is leading the way with research into the affects of plastics breaking down and entering the food chain of marine life. His most interesting point was not to demonise plastic; stating that it can be very useful, but that we should all be using packaging etc multiple times.

The throw-away culture highlighted by both these experts is a sad and worrying symptom of modern times and something that we should all think about.

I’m certainly doing my bit (as follows)
but plan to really think more about how
we can throw away less and re-use more.

Get a milkman/lady! This is not new news to Dairy Diary customers; but nonetheless a no-brainer with re-usable of packaging. The doorstep industry has been re-using glass bottles for decades.

ALWAYS take with you a water bottle and an insulated cup. Then, if you need a drink on-the-go you have no need for throw away items.

Think before you buy: do I REALLY love it or really NEED it. If the answer is no, don’t buy it. My ‘thing’ has always been new clothes but now I really carefully consider every purchase and make sure I buy quality that will last.

If you have pets, buy biodegradable bags for cat and dog ‘poop’ (I use the ones for food compost waste).

Buy bars of soap rather than hand wash and shower gel. You can often buy gorgeous smelling soaps at local markets.

Buy vintage soap dishes (see above). Modern sinks are not great at gripping bars of soap.

Invest in ‘sorting’ bins – ideally one for upstairs as well as downstairs. Bins with two compartments or more make it much easier to recycle as you simply choose the appropriate compartment when you no longer need something.

Keep a reusable shopping bag in your handbag and a few in your car boot. Then you’ll always have some to hand when you need them. And if you would like a really pretty one, take a look at our Dairy Diary shopping bag.

Use sandwich boxes (not bags or cling film) for packed lunches and for storing leftovers.

Rinse and fill old cleaning bottles with solutions of vinegar, essential oils etc. There are loads of recipes online for homemade cleaning products.







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