How to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding

The perfect Yorkshire Pudding

As one of the best-selling cookbooks of all time, the Dairy Book of Home Cookery knows a thing or two about classic recipes.


And if you want to make the perfect Yorkshire pud, look no further.

Follow it to the letter and this
method will never fail you.

Did you know there is a Yorkshire Pudding Day? We never need an excuse to include this British classic on our plates. I adore Yorkshires served with a beef and vegetable stew, cooked in the slow cooker. Perfect for a cold February Sunday.

Take a look at the Dairy Book of Home Cookery.


Yorkshire Pudding

Serves 6–8
Preparation 5 mins
Cooking 55 mins
Per portion 150 kcals, 8g fat (4.3g saturated)

110g (4oz) plain flour
Pinch of salt
1 egg
300ml (½ pint) milk
40g (1½oz) butter

Sift flour and salt into a bowl. Break in egg. Gradually add half the milk, beating to form a smooth batter. Pour in remaining milk and beat until smooth.

Preheat oven to 220°C/200°fan/Mark 7.

Put butter into a 25 x 30cm (10 x 12in) baking tin. Heat for 10 minutes or until a faint haze appears.

Pour in batter. Bake just above centre of oven for 40–45 minutes.


Small Yorkshire Puddings

Follow recipe and method for Yorkshire Pudding.

Place butter in a 12-section bun tin and heat as step 4.

Pour in batter and cook for 15–20 minutes.



Dairy Book of Home CookeryThe Dairy Book of Home Cookery

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