50 years of  the Dairy Book of Home Cookery!

Dairy Book of Home Cookery fans

We’re celebrating 50 years of making memories


Dairy Book of Home CookeryOur best-selling cookbook – the Dairy Book of Home Cookery – is one of the most-loved cookbooks of all time. Many people have grown up with it, raising their families cooking from it, and passing it on to children and grandchildren.

Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite and Celebrity Masterchef winner Lisa Faulkner are both big fans of The Dairy Book of Home Cookery.

Since it’s publication, we have been sent a huge number of stories associated with this cherished book.


Here are just a few:

‘I still use my Nana’s cookbook (which is considerably older than me!) for all my staple recipes – not only did she teach me to cook, she was my best friend, and this treasured book was left to me when she passed away.’

‘I first started making the Family Fruit Cake with my grandmother as a child. It’s an easy recipe and uses my favourite ingredient – lemon curd – which she made from scratch.’

‘It has the best tasting Victoria Sponge ever!’

‘I remember making Coconut Ice for my Dad, with my Mum, in the 1970s. I still make it for him. Happy Days.’

‘I learned how to make perfect meringues using my first dairy cookbook nearly 40 years ago.’

‘My copy of the book dates to 1983 when our first child was born and it remains one of my go to recipe books.I still use lots of the recipes. The cherry and coconut cake recipe is simple to follow, but always makes a wonderfully moreish moist cake, a favourite with the family and friends, it is also a great reliable cake to bake for charity sales.’

The Dairy Book of Home CookeryHave you seen the Dairy Book of Home Cookery 50th anniversary edition? We think many readers will want to replace their old copies with this lovely new edition.

It has 50 new recipes too! Click here to find out more



And for me – I have many fond memories, but my favourite is a little more recent.

Eight years ago I created a Cheese Soufflé for a vllog whilst heavily pregnant with twins – I could barely reach the mixing bowl!

Click here for the recipe – it is completely delicious!


Cheese Soufflé


Cheese Souffle from the Dairy Book of Home Cookery











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