WIN two of our favourite time-savers

Competition time!

When I was a child we used to have this great little retro orange cheese grater that was so easy, I was a user of it from an early age.

Cheese and carrot sandwiches were a slightly bizarre favourite of mine and this grater made their creation an easy and speedy job.

It wasn’t until recently that I remembered it and how much better it was than grating your nails on a box grater (something I’m quite adept at!) And so I invested in this little gadget, which has become a firm favourite in our home.

As well as the mandonline grater, I LOVE my Rotomac chopper. My terribly sensitive eyes start to weep when I so much as look at an onion, so anything that speeds up the chopping process is a worthwhile addition to my kitchen. And as it can chop so finely, it’s also perfect for those ‘hidden’ veggies that I need to sneak into anything I make for the children.


Win a Lekoch Manual Hand Speedy Mandoline Slicer and a Metaltex Rotomac Herb and Vegetable Manual Chopper.

If you would like a chance to win each of these snazzy products just click here – it could save you lots of time (and your fingernails!)



Good luck!

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