Make 2017 a happy one



Sometimes things happen beyond our control that makes life challenging.

There’s nothing we can do to prevent
these events, but there are a few things
that we can do to feel happier.

Find somewhere quiet to sit for half an hour with your Dairy Diary, mobile phone and a pen and plan your 2017.


2017-dairy-diary-set-with-memorable-dates-stickersThink about everyone you know. Who makes you happiest? Give them a call and schedule in a regular time to meet up. It may only be for a coffee for an hour once a month, but if it’s written in your diary you’re more likely to keep the date.

What type of exercise do you most enjoy? A leisurely stroll, funky dance class or maybe a high intensity session? Write it into your diary at least once a week. Those endorphins will give you a weekly high.

Laugher is the best medicine. Which TV show, magazine or book most makes you chuckle? Write a regular ‘laughter night’ in your diary and watch or read your favourite funny.

Is there something that you have always wanted to learn to do? Speak French, paint in watercolour or maybe scuba dive? Go online, find a class near you and book yourself in.

And is there a place that you have longed to visit? Make a plan to go, or if it’s an extravagant trip, start a savings plan for it.


Remember folks, life’s for living!

Have a brilliant 2017.

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