5 brilliant reasons why you should buy vintage crockery

Collect vintage crockery


Why buy vintage crockery?

My son has always used a bowl inherited from my grandad. It’s a lovely Wedgewood Willow pattern and is the perfect size for a small portion of cereal.

Having struggled to obtain more
smaller sized bowls for us I decided
to buy vintage instead.
And I LOVE it!

Picking up a few pieces from second hand and charity shops is great fun and I love the collection we are gradually building – it has much more character than a soulless dinner set and it makes me wonder about the history of each individual piece.

Why not start a vintage collection?

Here are a few reasons why:

1. It looks gorgeous: a mismatched vintage dinner set in similar tones can look so beautiful and will be unique.

2. It’s environmentally friendly: re-using crockery is much greener than manufacturing new stuff. There’s less landfill too.

3. Support a worthwhile cause: you can pick up some gorgeous plates and bowls in charity shops – a bargain for you and money in the bank for a worthy cause.

4. You’ll eat less: modern dinner plates and bowls are HUGE compared to their vintage counterparts. When using older, smaller crockery you can fit less on your plate.

5. Evoke happy memories: your collection may start with a bowl or plate from a parent or grandparent. Using it will remind you of them on a daily basis.





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