How to make laundry easier, simpler and faster part 5

Top tips for folding laundry and life-changing duvet cover cheat

I particularly dislike ironing and folding and so the easier and less monotonous the better.

I always have to put on a good film or TV drama to watch whilst
ironing and then put everything
away as speedily as possible.

First of all, it’s a good idea to have a thorough clear out of the linen cupboard and wardrobes and donate anything unwanted to charity. This gives much more space and makes putting away easier.

In the wardrobe I arrange all my clothes into outfits, one side for work and the other for weekends but you don’t have to be as retentive as me! I hang as much as possible so that we can quickly choose outfits, and roll up underwear, leggings, t-shirts etc. to place in drawers.

For the linen cupboard, I fold bedding in sets and place inside a pillowcase. For an easy way to fold a fitted sheet watch this link

And for some tips on folding towels watch this (warning, this is only for the seriously tidy-obsessed and try not to chuckle at ‘making towels fun’!)

How to fold towels like a professional

And now for the life-changing moment……drum roll please……for anyone who has struggled with king size duvet cover like I have you MUST watch this. Genius

How to fit a duvet cover the Californian way

For more tips on making laundry easier, simpler and faster see my previous blogs.

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