How to make laundry easier, simpler and faster part 4

Clever tricks to dry your laundry quicker


Clever tricks to dry your laundry quicker

Busy adj (busier, busiest) 1 having a great deal to do 2 currently occupied with an activity.

Sound familiar?

If, like me, you have a to-do list as long as your arm then getting a good routine is essential for staying on top of things, and a few simple tricks to speed up daily chores can make all the difference.

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There are three good options for drying laundry:


Drying laundry outside

Outdoors on a line

On a dry day, I hang the washing out on the line. You simple can’t beat the fresh fragrance of outdoor-dried clothes and bedding.

For several years I used a peg bag kindly made by my mum that would whizz along the line to the other side of the garden and provide the neighbours with endless mirth observing me chasing the ridiculous peg bag from one end of the garden to the other! What should have been a five minute job took much longer.

I did toy with the idea of one of those cute vintage-style apron peg bags but decided that there would be a flat refusal for pegging out from my other half (though it would have provided the neighbours with more comedy capers). I therefore, decided to buy a new laundry basket with a peg box included, only to find that such a thing does not exist! Instead I pinched one of my son’s Bygel Ikea tubs, which has a hook on one side and hung this onto the edge of the laundry basket. Voila! It works a treat and can easily be stored in a cupboard when not in use. Highly recommended folks.


Drying clothes on a drying rack

Indoors on a clothes maid

This is where a revolution occurred in our house. Sick of tripping over precarious clothes horses, I did some research and decided to invest in a ceiling mounted drying rack. This retro clothes maid is AMAZING! Because warm air rises, it dries the laundry so much quicker and also it’s all out of the way. I can honestly say it is the best thing household item I have ever bought. I tend to fill it/empty it when the children are doing their homework or music practise so that I can do ‘mum stuff’ at the same time as the laundry.


Save laundry space

Tumble Dryer

For me, the tumble dryer is a must for towels otherwise they feel like cardboard. I also use it for bedding on wet days but never clothes. I don’t think it’s gentle enough for many fabrics and is also costly and certainly not eco-friendly.

I came across this great idea for those with limited space:


Don’t miss part 5 coming soon.



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