Bravo for British asparagus

Bravo for British asparagus


Bravo for British asparagus and the MOST amazing asparagus recipe

We’re five days into May and the British asparagus season is in full swing – hurrah!

I adore asparagus. It’s so tender, and its delicate flavour lends itself to many recipes, though it’s also wonderful on its own, lightly steamed and sprinkled with sea salt.

British asparagusWhen dipped into soft boiled egg, asparagus is heaven on a plate. These grass-green morsels are packed with soluble fibre, vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and folic acid and when combined with the egg contains a whole host of fab vitamins and minerals. The perfect lunch!

British asparagus is championed by many top chefs including:

Raymond Blanc, Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons
“The quality of the food at Le Manoir stems from the freshness and purity of its ingredients. There’s nothing quite like freshly cut, tender young spears of asparagus when it is in season.  My favourite way of serving asparagus is when it is poached and served with freshly made mayonnaise.
We at Le Manoir strongly believe that everyone should enjoy good food made from the very best ingredients and prepared with care and imagination. I have no doubt that fresh vegetables in season have the very best flavour and British asparagus is a great example of that.”

Brian Turner, Brian Turner Mayfair, Millennium Hotel
“More and more people are realising the value of seasonal produce and how fortunate we are in this country to have such a bountiful supply. Local markets, farmers’ markets and village stores show us the wonderful selection of produce now available, so much to be proud of on our doorstep.
One of my favourite seasonal foods is the first crop of English asparagus which I steam and, whilst warm, lay into a light mustard vinaigrette, allow to cool slightly and devour…delicious.”

This asparagus recipe from the 2015 Dairy Diary is one of my favourites – it’s quick and simple enough to cook at any time, even mid-week, and its simplicity celebrates the fantastic flavours of new potatoes, asparagus and sea bass.



Sea Bass with Asparagus & Roasted Potatoes

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