Five reasons why the Dairy Diary Set makes a fabulous Christmas gift

The perfect Christmas Gift


Five reasons why the Dairy Diary Set makes a fabulous Christmas gift


1 It’s not just one moment in time – this gift gives its recipient pleasure all year round.

2 SO much for under a tenner – this set contains the 2015 Dairy Diary and also a pocket diary for the handbag AND a gorgeous notebook complete with pocket, elastic tie and pen.

3 Weekly foodie inspiration – each week, there’s a delicious new recipe to try.

4 Stress-busting – being organised and having everything written down in one place is a guaranteed stress reliever. In the Dairy Diary there is plenty of space to write and there’s also a handy pocket for storing all those bits of paper, vouchers and cards.

5 It’s packed full handy tips – from stain removal to home budgeting to metric conversions, you’ll find everything you need in the Dairy Diary.


If you order today, the Dairy Diary Set will arrive in time for Christmas.

Gone on, treat your friends and family to a gift they’ll remember – for only £9.25!


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