Discover incredible award-winning wines in English Wine Week


English Wine Week


Discover incredible award-winning wines in English Wine Week

I’m quite a fan of those jolly autobiographical books about people who venture to France to run vineyards with all the humorous pitfalls and quirky characters they meet.

However, apart from a fleeting glance at one of those mind-zappingly slow pace county programs, I have never really considered English wine. I shamefully head for the new world section of my online shopping basket for my favourite quaff. Perhaps it’s time to a re-think.

It is widely believed that the Romans
first introduced the vine to England
and wine-drinking became
commonplace in British society.

1066 marked the start of an era of viticultural activity with William the Conqueror came French Abbots and their monks who were experienced in winegrowing, along with soldiers and courtiers for whom wine was a daily requirement. From the Middle Ages however, viticulture began to wane and it wasn’t until 900 years later, in the 1950s that there was a commercial revival in wine production.

English Wine WeekNowadays there are 432 vineyards in the UK, producing a staggering 2.58 million bottles of wine! 60 per cent of the wines produced are sparkling and in the last 15 years English sparkling wines have won 8 trophies for Best International Sparkling Wine and 4 Trophies for Best Sparkling Rose in Global Competitions – no other country has achieved this!

With those accolades, they must be well worth a try.

This week is English Wine Week, which plays host to a raft of events to celebrate English wine. Visit for a list of events, including vineyard tours and wine tasting.

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