Top Ten Feel-Good Tips for February



Top Ten Feel-Good Tips for February

I am not a nutritionist, but in my job I do read a lot about food and I have a pretty good grasp of healthy eating.

When I look back at old photographs I can see the results of my lifestyle, particularly what I ate and drank, and I’m glad to say that now I understand nutrition better, I’ve never felt better. I’ve never been a naturally skinny person and have battled to control my weight from the age of ten.

As a young adult, I used to
always opt for ‘diet’ versions
of everything – something I
never do anymore. It just
resulted in my body craving
sugar and fat.

We often get requests from people asking us to add more nutritional information to recipes, particularly featuring the salt and sugar content. Whilst, I understand that everyone’s dietary needs are different, it’s important to look at the whole picture and view your consumption over a week, rather than meal by meal. We all know that eating a sticky toffee pudding with every meal is not a good idea, but one a week is fine. What’s most important is to think about getting an overall balanced diet, not eating too much and exercising regularly.

There are lots of little things that can make you feel great. Here’s my top ten (please note, this works for me, but is not for everyone, if you have specific medical issues, always check with your doctor).

  1. Eat from a small plate. Think about the plates our grandparents used, they were much smaller than most modern crockery. Fill half your plate with veggies or salad, a quarter with meat/fish/vege protein and the other quarter with carbohydrate.
  2. Snack on a few almonds and blueberries. These will fill the gap between meals and help avoid those blood sugar crashes that makes us reach for biscuits.
  3. Change to foods that release energy slowly – porridge for breakfast, wholemeal toast and veg soup for lunch and a meal with protein and carbohydrate for dinner.
  4. Enjoy a treat, but make sure it’s something you love (Dairymilk for me!) and only have it once or twice a week.
  5. Try to cook from scratch as much as possible. Processed foods contain so many hidden nasties.
  6. Dance! However you like – Zumba, disco, ballroom; revel in your favourite music and have a good old boogie.
  7. Drink 8 glasses of water a day – your skin will love you for it. Ice-cold water tastes much better, so keep a jugful in the fridge.
  8. Get as much fresh air as possible and walk, as fast as you can, as much as you can. It’ll make you feel great!
  9. Meet with friends, have a chat and a good laugh.
  10. Create. It could be a batch of cookies, a handmade card, a knitted scarf – whatever you enjoy doing. You’ll feel a huge sense of satisfaction.

And if you’re feeling in the mood for making that batch of cookies, here you are. This delicious recipe is perfect to share with family and friends.


Recipe: Honey Flapjack Cookies

Honey Flapjack Cookies 

Good Food, Fast Dairy CookbookThis recipe is taken from Good Food, Fast – a fabulous cookbook packed full of recipes that take 30 minutes or less.

It’s available now for just £7.00.

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