Easy Recipes for Chinese New Year | Spiced Chicken & Noodle Soup, Oriental Pork with Sweet Potato, Coconut Ice Cream

Chinese New Year recipes


Easy Recipes for Chinese New Year

My parents are very conservative eaters, and so the first time I tried Chinese food was as an adult when a friend took me to Chinatown in Manchester – what a revelation!

I have been a fan ever since. It’s Chinese New Year on Friday (the year of the horse), which gives me a great excuse to indulge.

It’s not easy to recreate genuinely authentic
Chinese food, but we can enjoy some
delicious anglicised versions – from the
Dairy Diary of course – that are pretty
close to the real thing.

Here’s my menu for Chinese New Year on Friday. I can’t wait.

Chinese New Year Menu

Spiced Chicken & Noodle Soup

Oriental Pork with Sweet Potato

Coconut Ice Cream

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