How to save money and still have lots of fun! | Stress-free cooking for friends part one

Stress-free cooking for friends


How to save money and still have lots of fun!

One of my ‘unofficial’ New Year’s resolutions is to entertain at home once a month. I’m afraid I am one of those irritating people who always tries to look on the bright side and find a solution to someone’s problem; so one evening when my other half and I were having a moan about our lack of social life (due to lack of babysitters and lack of money) I struck upon to idea of eating out, in, once every month.

At the start of each month we are going to sit down and plan out Night Out In. We will pick a couple of friends’ names out of a hat and plan a cosy informal meal – which isn’t going to stress us or cost lots of cash.

So for the price of a few scented tealights
– my current obsession –   some great-value
fresh ingredients and a bottle of wine we
will have a fantastic night in the company
of good friends, without the worry of
finding a babysitter.

Here is my first stress-free menu.

Everything is affordable and easy to make in advance, so it does not intrude on our social time.

Stress-free cooking for friends - recipes part one

Stress-free cooking for friends part one

Starter: Chorizo & Kale Soup

Main: Roasted Cod Loin wrapped in Pancetta

Dessert: Ginger & Marmalade Steamed Pudding


Clever One Pot cookbook


All of these recipes are taken from
Clever One Pot cookbook, which is
still available to buy online for
just £7.99.

buy bow










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