Stir-up Sunday

Make a Christmas pudding on Stir-up-Sunday


Stir-up Sunday

Have you heard of Stir-Up Sunday? I think this is such as lovely idea.

It dates back centuries and was encouraged by The Church in its Common Book of Prayer.

It’s not a tradition that I
experienced growing up,
but it’s certainly one that I
would like to start with
my children.

Traditionally, on Stir-Up Sunday families gather together in the kitchen to create their Christmas pudding. Everyone should get a turn to mix, and the opportunity to make a wish. Some put coins in their pudding and it is believed that finding a coin brings wealth, health, happiness for the coming year. We could all do with some of that!

Christmas pudding is usually a mixture of dried fruit, nuts, alcohol and breadcrumbs though early versions, originally known as Christmas porridge, incorporated beef, mutton and wine. Yuk! In 1664, Cromwell, in typical-style, banned it as a lewd, sacrilegious custom. In 1714, George I reintroduced it, thankfully without the meat.

How to make Christmas PuddingThis Sunday is Stir-Up Sunday,
so why not gather in the
kitchen and make a
Christmas pudding with your family?

Here’s the recipe we will be
following from the legendary
Dairy Book of Home Cookery.


The Dairy Book of Home Cookery has been reprinted and is available to buy now

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