Anyone got some spare matchsticks?

Dairy Diary stand at the Womans Weekly Live show


Anyone got some spare matchsticks?

Ok, so last week began with not one but two electric shocks courtesy of our delightful cooker ‘kindly’ left in our house by its previous owner.

We had a new kitchen planned for October (so we could all move into my parents’ house while they were away) but this rather alarming development means that the old cooker has been condemned and we need our kitchen now!

This resulted in me trying to entertain three children yesterday while rain lashed at the windows and we tried to keep out of the way of my other half battling with a myriad of cowboy jobs and get our new floor and kitchen fitted.

This is all on my one day off after Woman’s Weekly Live!

I have to admit, I am struggling 
a little this morning and could
use some matchsticks to prop
open my eyes!

The show was fantastic though, we met lots and lots of lovely people and everyone adored the new books. They couldn’t wait to get home and start cooking from Clever One Pot and were amazed by how much is contained in the 2014 Dairy Diary.

Being a little soft and used to sitting in a comfy chair at a comfy desk those three days on my feet have completely wiped me out. This week will definitely be all about comfort food and catching up on sleep, which does tie in rather nicely with this inclement weather suddenly forced upon us.

Sausage & Cider CasseroleFirst on my comfort food list is
Sausage & Cider Casserole
from next year’s Dairy Diary.

I just hope that I have shopped
appropriately. Late night internet
shopping may just result in bags
of junk foods being delivered!


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