The Amazing Four Thousand Dresses Collection

.The Amazing Four Thousand Dresses Collection



The Amazing Four Thousand Dresses Collection

I have two very lucky little girls whose Mummy likes to pick up beautiful bargains in the sales and also have LOTS of gorgeous girlie dresses given to them by their friend Isabelle.

But it’s not just Western girls who love pretty things of course, there are many little girls in other countries who would love something gorgeous to wear but don’t have the means to buy them.

That’s where you (and me) come in!

IMalawi-Dress recently discovered this amazing project run by Louise Horler, who has amassed more than 4,000 beautiful handmade dresses for little girls in the developing world. Isn’t that incredible?

Despite my shoddy sewing skills I shall definitely be having a go at the pillowcase dress, which looks pretty simple to make.

If you would like to have a go, take a look at Louise’s blog for more details and patterns. You can even upcycle a pillowcase (hence the name) or a dress that you no longer wear.


And to nibble on while you’re sewing ….

Cinnamon & Raisin FlapjacksCinnamon & Raisin Flapjacks

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